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John John Killin it… 


John John Killin it… 

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"I feel like I didn’t know who I was when I was 15. I don’t feel like you’re who you are for life, not even when you’re 20."

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Daniel Hedden. Big Sur, CA. March 2014. 35mm. 

Big Sur, CA. Spring ‘14 (3/3)

Final installment of time spent up north: Daniel Hedden, my younger brother. He’s got twice the power in his carves and ability to attract ladies. A real stand up fella- equipped with a flip phone and quality handshake that’ll blow your social networking outta the water. 

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✿ queued, feel free to delete ✿


✿ queued, feel free to delete 

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TAME IMPALA by Martin Delgado on Flickr.
the easter bunny might be too high to find his way here
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